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Winter Landscaping – Water Feature Magic


As we settle into the heart of winter and hunker down for the next 2 months few of us are thinking much about landscaping, so how about a little winter water feature magic to get those thoughts thawed out and flowing. It may be cold out, but there are still some great things going on outside that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your kitchen or living room.

Winter Pond Heron

While some will shut down their fountains and water features in winter, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Ponds that have fish must not freeze over completely and moving water from a waterfall will help keep the water open. And if a fountain or a pondless system contains a large enough basin it can probably be run most or all of the winter.

Ice is an amazing winter landscaping element that creates great sculptures and amazing looks on a waterfall or fountain. And with lighting these designs look extremely cool. There may not be a lot of color outside but the interest level of the ice is something not to be missed.

Snowy Pondless

Many will wonder how a water feature can operate in the winter when temperatures get very cold. The key is that the ice actually insulates the water from the very cold air temperatures so the water will flow under the ice. Because it is moving it will not freeze solid. As the ice freezes from the splashing of the water it is very important to have a large enough basin because the more ice the more water that leaves the supply basin. And since the basin is underground there is enough warmth from the ground to prevent it from freezing.

Frozen Kansas City waterfall

So, although it is early winter with a long way to go until spring, there is no reason to forget about Kansas City water feature landscaping. A well designed pond, pondless, or fountain is a great way to extend the visual magic of a backyard water landscape. Water in the landscape truly is wonderful in all 4 seasons.


Maybe landscaping in winter is not something you have considered, but since it is the off season you will avoid the long delays during the busy spring and summer season. So, why wait? Check with your local water feature installer to get a jump on spring and add a little bit of magic to your yard while you still have time to enjoy it this winter season.

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frozen fountain


KC Winter Water Feature

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