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At Good Earth Water Gardens, it’s our goal to provide beautiful, low-maintenance water features and exceptional customer service. But we also aim to educate people so they can make an informed buying decision. We’re not going to be a perfect fit for everyone. Sometimes the timing or budget aren’t right. Maybe our ideas don’t match. There can be other reasons, too.

If you decide that Good Earth is not a good fit, that’s OK. However, we want you to know some other reputable pond companies in the area who are qualified to properly install or maintain your water feature.

Every year, we receive calls from frustrated homeowners. Their water features don’t function properly, leak, or are maintenance nightmares. Often, we find out the person (or company) who installed these water features wasn’t knowledgeable in construction techniques and filtration. To minimize this from happening, we wanted to share the top pond companies in Kansas City.

The following companies aren’t in any particular order. We selected companies that specialize in water features and have the experience and/or industry certifications that make them qualified. These are also companies that maintain and install decorative, aesthetically appealing water features and not farm or retention ponds.

  • Swan’s Water Gardens – In business since the mid 90’s, Swan’s Water Gardens installs and maintains water features. It also has a retail center that offers a wide variety of water feature products, fish, and aquatic plants. Based in Louisburg, Kansas, this eight-acre complex has numerous water feature displays along with a variety of educational classes and events throughout the season.
  • Hix & Son Aquatics – Starting out as hobbyists with a small preformed plastic pond, Hix & Son has flourished and become a full-service maintenance and installation company for water features. These pond gurus offer a wealth of knowledge when it comes to plants, fish, and water quality.
  • Prestige One Landscaping – Prestige One offers a wide variety of landscape services, but owner Roye Dillon is a Certified Aquascape Contractor. One of Roye’s top priorities is continuing education in the water feature industry. He’s also an active in the Water Garden Society of Greater Kansas City.
  • Nature’s Image Aquatic Design – Owner Brad Chaney started building ponds in eastern Kansas and surrounding metro areas in 2002. Nature’s Image Aquatic Design does construction and full-service maintenance. The company is committed to maintaining great relationships with their clients.
  • Loyal Pond Services – Owner, Andrew Marchael, has been servicing ponds and water features for over 15 years in the Kansas City metro. He has cleaned and serviced thousands of water features and is passionate about creating and maintaining an outdoor oasis for his clients.
  • Pearl Water Gardens – Owner Nick Swartz’s passion for water gardens started at the age of 5 when he would visit his grandfather’s koi pond. He has been able to live out this passion into adulthood by cleaning and servicing all sorts of ponds, waterfalls and fountains. Nick loves continuing his education and knowledge in the industry and he is also a middle school P.E./health teacher.
  • Blue Stone Aquatic Design – From bubbler fountains to koi ponds, owner Brandon Henderson digs deep to find the best type of water feature for his clients. He has an eye for design, but he also maintains and services water features, too.
  • Monet Aquatics – Monet Aquatics designs, installs, and services a wide variety of formal and natural ponds and fountains in the Kansas City metro. Owner Justin Titus is also the vice president of the International Water Lily and Water Gardening Society. He has almost 20 years of experience in the water garden industry.
  • Anything Aquatic – Owner Mike Parmley started Anything Aquatic in 1998 because of his passion for fish. Now, the company has a mission to create unique, healthy water features that customers will enjoy for years to come. Anything Aquatic will not only construct a great water feature, but they offer maintenance services and packages.
  • White Gardenia Landscapes – Gary and Susan Adams have been in business for 20 years. Their family-owned business focuses on nature preservation, sound horticultural practices, and responsible design. They install beautiful water features and have knowledge and experience with landscaping and hardscaping, too.
  • Gradex Company – Originally starting as a concrete contractor, owner Bob Kerr found a passion for working with rock. Gradex specializes in large natural stone retaining walls and installing outdoor living environments. Naturally water feature projects compliment this line of work and Bob is now Certified Aquascape Contractor.
  • Total Habitat – In the mid 90’s, founder and president Mick Hilleary was paving the way in a new industry of natural pools AKA recreational ponds. These naturally filtered, chemical free water gardens have grown in popularity and now Total Habitat installs natural pools all over the world!

Most water features are living ecosystems and require continuous seasonal care. We hope you’re able to find a quality installer/maintenance company who can give your feature the attention it deserves.

For more information about water features, please use the Good Earth Water Gardens website as a resource. And subscribe to our weekly pond tips, which are completely free!