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When you’re ready to transform an area of your home, choosing the right company is an important decision. This is especially true when you want to include a water feature. Kansas City is home to several companies that build and maintain ponds. But how do you know who is right for you and your yard?

Research pond companies

Credentials are a good place to start. Do some research. We believe experience, education, and certifications are important things look for. It should also be a given that any contractor you hire (landscaping, remodeling, plumbing, etc.) carries proper insurance such as general liability and workman’s comp. Remember, when you invite an uninsured contractor to your home, you are responsible for any risk or liability that could occur.

And just because a company has proper insurance doesn’t mean they’re qualified to build a pond or waterfall. Every year, we get calls to fix water features that are poorly designed, leak, and/or have inadequate filtration. It’s important to hire a contractor who is educated and knows how to properly install a water garden.

Here are some questions to ask your prospective pond contractor:

  • How many water features have they built/maintained/repaired? (depending on the service you’re interested in)
  • Do they have any display water features you could see in person?
  • Do they have any past clients you could speak with?
  • What types of training and education does the company provide and how often?

There are several qualified companies in Kansas City that can easily answer these questions.

The pond company that’s right for you

Once you’ve narrowed down your list, there are other questions and scenarios you may want to ponder. Before making a final hiring decision, consider:

  • Is the contractor a good fit for your design style? – Water features can range from a very formal, well-manicured English garden look to a rustic, natural-looking stream cascading from a mountain hillside. Make sure the company you hire is capable of creating the style you want.
  • Do you feel comfortable with this company? – Trust is one of the biggest factors when making a hiring decision.
  • How well did this company accommodate you through the design process? Did they take the time to genuinely answer your questions or did they respond like you were an inferior halfwit? Do they call you back and answer your emails in a timely manner or do you have to make multiple contact attempts and listen to numerous excuses? Do they communicate well about project expectations or are they going to randomly show up to your house one day and start working?

It’s important to be proactive. Anticipate and set as many expectations up front as possible. If you have any sense of doubt because of credentials, trust, or communication, it may be a good idea to pump the brakes on the project and even look for another contractor. Sometimes it’s best to trust your gut!

Making the right pond decision

The last thing we want is for you to waste your hard-earned dollars on a contractor who doesn’t respect your time or your property or who installs an inferior water feature.

At Good Earth Water Gardens, we want to educate you as a consumer. Even if you choose not to hire us, we can help you make an informed buying decision. Please reach out if you have questions or could use advice when hiring a contractor. Connect with us online or call us at 913-749-8090. We’re here to answer questions and help you make the right decision.