Pond Maintenance Kansas City

Creating a beautiful pond landscape isn’t just digging a hole. It takes proper planning and all the right pieces to build a pond that will provide beauty and enjoyment for years to come.

The right water feature can transform your home – and how you live in it. Ponds are beautiful and they also create a tranquil environment. The area around a pond is an oasis of calm in an increasingly hectic world. It’s a great place to unwind after a busy day or host relaxed gatherings with family and friends.

Many of our clients report that after installing a pond, they spend more time outside – and more time looking out the window when they’re inside. We get reports of lowered stress levels and higher rates of joy. And more than one client has said they can’t wait to get home, back to their pond.

At Good Earth Water Gardens, all of our ponds have both biological and mechanical filtration to keep the water clean. We use plants to keep algae in check and protect the fish. The fish also help control the algae. And then the rocks and gravel provide surface area for helpful bacteria to live. Each pond is its own little ecosystem. But we understand that a pond is so much more.

No matter your lifestyle, Good Earth Water Gardens can create the perfect pond for you.