Pondless Waterfall

Pondless Waterfalls

Natural waterfall and stream

Who says you need a pond to have a waterfall? Pondless waterfalls bring the serenity of a water feature without the big body of water.

Like ponds, pondless waterfalls can transform your yard. From a small mound to a steep hillside, if you have a slope in your yard, there’s potential for a pondless waterfall. The area might start out as a region of the yard that’s not ideal for outdoor activities. But it can become a welcoming, tranquil space that’s the perfect place to unwind.

Pondless systems can be ideal for smaller spaces, or for steep areas that won’t work for a pond. They’re also a great fit for people who have no interest in fish. Maintenance on pondless systems is lower than for traditional ponds, too. You get the sounds and beauty of moving water without any added work.

At Good Earth Water Gardens, we create pondless waterfalls that appear to have been there forever. Imagine that your home and landscaping were all constructed around a natural spring. We can make your waterfall blend seamlessly with the rest of the environment. You’ll transform your landscape – and take it up a notch.

With pondless waterfalls, the water disappears into an underground reservoir. Think of it like a pond hidden below the surface of your landscaping. This reservoir is specially designed to handle adequate water storage and allow easy access to the pump. The system is easy to maintain and engineered to support the weight of boulders and decorative gravel.

The sound of running water can change how you enjoy your yard and how you handle stress. A pondless waterfall is a great way to create calm and welcome beauty into your world.