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As the premier Kansas City water feature installer Good Earth Water Gardens is able to create wonderful water features that will amaze and captivate you and turn your backyard into a magical oasis of joy.  Water is such an intriguing element.  It brings life to the garden with its movement and sound that appeals to us all.  It’s the perfect complement to beautiful plantings and gardens. If you have ever dreamed of having a waterfall in your back yard this article will give you some information to get you started in the process.

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Types of Water Feature Systems

There are basically 2 types of waterfall systems that we use.  We can install a complete pond that will have a waterfall, or we can create what we call a pondless waterfall that has no pond but a reservoir below grade.  Both systems typically will have a stream included but it’s not necessary depending on space and budget. There are advantages and disadvantages to each system.  With a pond you will have fish – usually goldfish and related koi and numerous water plants throughout the pond.

The pond is a complete ecosystem whereby plants and fish work in harmony for good pond water quality.  It’s really entertaining watching the fish and frogs as well as the birds that appreciate the water source; while the waterfall and stream produce a symphony of peaceful and relaxing sounds.  Children in particular are captivated by the water and you don’t have to worry because maximum depth is usually only 2 feet in the center and perhaps only 6” on the perimeter. Ponds are a bit more maintenance but nothing at all like a swimming pool.  The components of the system are designed to maintain good pond health and a skimmer will remove much of the debris before it settles. They also require a little bit more space than a pondless system.  We normally don’t build a pond much smaller than 10’x10′.

Pondless systems have become a very popular option to the pond, whereby the water will disappear through gravel into an underground basin.  The pondless waterfall offers all the movement and sound of the water you get from the waterfall and stream, but with virtually no maintenance.  Your biggest task is to make sure it has enough water in the reservoir.  So it’s great for those that want to enjoy all the benefits of the pond without any extra responsibilities.  If you go out of town you simply turn it off.

Another popular option for smaller spaces is a fountain. Kansas City of course is the “City of Fountains” so we are all familiar with the many types of possibilities of water fountains.  The fountain will have a reservoir usually below the surface and a pump to circulate the water.  These water fountains can range from very large to very small.  Fountains are great for the relaxing sound off a patio or as an accent piece in the garden or at the entrance of the home.

Benefits of a Water Feature

Pondless Waterfall North Kansas City

Pondless Waterfall

Having installed many water gardens in Missouri and Kansas over the last decade we are highly experienced in the construction of the project that you will enjoy for many years.  We guarantee our work against leaks or other problems and have the distinction of being 1 of only 2 Certified Aquascape Installers in the Kansas City area.  We use the Aquascape product line exclusively as they are the leader in the industry and cannot be beat for their products, training, and customer service.  They also offer a lifetime warranty on the important foundational components of the system, 20 years on the liner, 2-3 years on the pump and a 1 year warranty on most other parts in the system. LED lighting has at least a 5 year warranty.

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Cherry Blossoms around Pond

It’s hard to express the incredible effect a water feature will have on your life.  It is truly a quality of life enhancement.  Whether it comes from the peace and tranquility in a moment of reflection or adding life and vitality to group activities.  A water garden will dramatically impact your family life and interaction as it becomes the central focal point even for the most aloof teenager.  And for entertaining you might as well be hosting your guests in paradise.  There will be many unforgettable evenings sitting out watching the flickering water highlighted by lighting that your water feature will provide. It is a special lifestyle you create with a water feature in your backyard.

Not only will a pond or pondless system improve the quality of your life, it will create financial value for your home. Well constructed water features will often return more than your investment in the project.  It will give your property a one of a kind look that is enticing and captivating to prospective buyers when it comes time to sell your home.  It is a one of a kind upgrade that will give your home character and distinction to buyers.

So if you have ever even remotely wondered what it would be like to have a pond or pondless water feature with a stream and waterfall right in your Kansas City backyard give Good Earth Water Gardens a call today to find how you can create paradise in your backyard.  Most of our customer’s tell us their only regret about their pond or pondless water project is that they wished they had installed it sooner.

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