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This homeowner had been thinking about a water feature for a few years. He had a great spot in mind, right off his patio and next to his firepit and outdoor chairs. He envisioned it being the perfect location for a pondless waterfall – and he was right. However, a big basement renovation meant our homeowner had his hands full. So, he decided it was best to tackle one project at a time.

Hall of Fame Pondless Waterfalls

A Hall of Fame Man Cave

The basement reno was worth the wait – it’s more Kansas City Sports Hall of Fame Museum than man cave! Besides autographed balls and jerseys, the space also features a custom mural featuring many Royals and Chiefs icons. You can check it out here.

But man cannot live in his man cave forever. And this homeowner wanted a hall of fame outdoor space, too. So, he called Good Earth Water Gardens. When we took the basement tour, we knew we had some high expectations to meet!

Water Feature Excellence

A plain ol’ pondless waterfall wasn’t going to cut it for this property. We needed to take this waterfall to the next level. Aside from the beautiful sights and sounds of moving water, color-changing lights were a must. And this led to the idea of a fountain with an optional fire insert.

Did we deliver? A few days after completion, we stopped by. When no one answered the doorbell, we had an inkling where the homeowner might be. Sure enough, he was on the patio, scotch in hand, fully enjoying his water feature. There was even an outdoor TV mounted on the house with golf going in the background. It was a tranquil outdoor man cave!

Our homeowner said he had spent more time in this exact spot over the last few days than any other room in the house. That’s a nice compliment, especially considering the area on the other side of the basement wall.

We have the best jobs ever: making water feature dreams come true. Do you have a vision for your outdoor space? Good Earth Water Gardens can make it happen. Email us or give us a call at 913-749-8090. We’ll help you to explore your options and create the water feature that’s perfect for your family or organization.