Pond edging ideas

It’s easy to focus on the water of a water feature. But it’s the stuff that goes around the water that makes a pond or waterfall special.

Some folks figure they can throw some rocks around a pond and call it good. But at Good Earth Water Gardens, we know that an aesthetically pleasing water feature is all about the details. That’s why we carefully consider the terrain and the homeowners’ goals and tastes.

So many factors play into what edging is right for your water feature. And mixing up the materials is half the fun. Here are a few things to think about.

Rocks – big and small

Gravel is a simple way to edge a water feature. Just cut an angle into the top three inches of the pond perimeter and fill with gravel. It can create an almost beach-like setting that welcomes people and pets.

For best results, you’ll want to include some boulders in there, too. Rocks of different sizes create a natural-looking environment that seems like it’s been there forever. Plus, boulders help you easily define edges while providing appealing nooks and crannies for plants.

Patios and decks

There’s no reason why your home’s formal living space can’t embrace your water feature. Many homeowners take their patios, decks, and even porches right to the edge of their ponds.

When you’re designing your water feature, remember that it doesn’t have to live in a far corner of the yard. Plan how you want to interact with this bit of heaven. A carefully considered layout can ensure you and your guests make the most of your pond.

The right plants

The days of a few grasses and reeds counting as lush pond landscaping are over! There are so many gorgeous plants that can accessorize your water feature. We’re fans of mixing annuals and perennials for a natural look that you can change up each year. Here, impatiens are on the edge of a stream. These annuals love to get their feet wet, and the way they mound softens the look of the rocks. Grasses, evergreens, and aquatic plants complete the look.


These are flat rocks that appear to be floating above the water’s surface. They do more than look cool – they also create interactive spots where kids can play, folks can step across a stream, or anyone can sit and enjoy the natural beauty of the water feature.

One thing you’ll notice in all of these photos is VARIETY. No matter how you decide to edge your water feature, use multiple materials to create a landscape that is natural and visually interesting.

Need a hand in creating your ideal waterscape? Good Earth Water Gardens can help. Whether you’re starting from scratch or want to improve an existing water feature, call us at 913-479-8090 or connect online. We’ve got edging, water, and a healthy ecosystem covered.