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Good Earth Outdoor Display Fountain Installation in Kansas City

Kansas City Fountain Installation

The Basis of this Fountain Installation Project

Some of you may know that Daniel has purchased a home out on Highway K near Berry Rd. Some of you may also know that Good Earth Outdoor has recently been promoting fountains here in KC. It is from that perspective that this fountain display project came about.

Kansas City FountainsKansas City is known as the “City of Fountains”, having more fountains than any city in the United States; and worldwide only second to Rome. Fountains are a big deal in our culture here in Kansas City, and we think it important to honor that tradition. The many fountains in the area are works of art that incorporate water into beautiful artistic expressions. Water is a wonderful and even magical element to use in art because it represents life. Moving water is alive – ever changing, exciting, relaxing, captivating.

Now typically when we think of fountains we think of the many public displays throughout the city, but there is no reason why we cannot enjoy the benefits of a water fountain in our own front or backyards. So let us just sum this effort up by saying,

“One Step Closer to Rome, Baby”.

Fountain Installation Details

On July 1, 2016, the project began. The plan was marked out in the yard and the crew got busy digging the basin. This is probably the hardest part of any water job we do but it is necessary. It’s always good to get the hard part done first anyway. We dug this basin to hold about 500 gallons of water just to have a large reservoir. The wind up here in winter can be brutal and that creates a lot of splash so we wanted to give ourselves a big cushion.

Fountain Basin Break


As you can see it would have made a nice wading pool and these guys were quite ready and willing to get wet.

Once the basin was completed and the floor evened we put a layer of sand in to make sure the Aquablox would fit tight together. Aquablox are plastic cubes that displace water so the basin can be nearly 100% water below. Each one of these large Aquablox is equal to about 30 gallons of water and they are very strong being able to support 1000’s of pounds. You will also see the vault which holds the pump. For this project we are using a variable speed 4000-8000 gph Aquasurge pump.

KC Fountain Aquablox

The next step will be to add 3”-6” granite boulders to increase our basin capacity and area as well as to hold the Aquablox and vault firmly in place.

Once the boulders are in place we will turn our attention to the plumbing for each of the 3 fountain pieces. These fountains are made of molded fiberglass. The largest one is nearly 5’ tall. We check them for level shimming as necessary. We then add smaller gravel to cover Fountain Plumbingthe Aquablox and to help stabilize the fountain pieces.


Now understand this is a project with all the bells and whistles. We have 7 LED lights for great night time visibility. Water features in the evening with lights are stunning and take on a completely different appearance. We also have incorporated the element of fire with our display project. There is an insert that goes over the opening where the water is pumped out where we can place a container that contains the citronella oil or diesel fuel creating a very cool effect.


Fountain fire

And since this was the 4th of July here is a short video of the project July 4th, 2016 outlined in sparklers complete with background firework “music”.

So that takes care of the installation of the fountain, but it’s still very rough looking. We now have to make it pretty. And this is why we landscape. This is the fun part when our creativity comes out. Stone selection and placement are very important to make this fountain project pop so to speak (no July 4th pun intended).  So another day of working on the landscaping really puts the finishing touches on our display. Notice the Missouri River driftwood pieces.   

What do you think?

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