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Kansas City Pondless Water Feature

A pondless waterfall just could be the perfect water feature option for Kansas City homeowners looking for something special and unique that will set their home apart from any other in the neighborhood.

The pondless or disappearing waterfall provides all the drama and excitement of moving water in the stream, but without the additional cost, maintenance, and responsibilities that a pond can have. A meandering stream that looks as if it has always been there will gurgle and bubble down a slope with numerous drops, twists, and turns creating a beautiful one of a kind sight that will be enjoyed from the deck or patio. Depending on the location it will also be visible from key rooms facing the backyard – perhaps the kitchen, family room and/or bedrooms.

Beyond the beauty of the setting that enhances and brings life to the gardens and landscaping is the incredible sound that the water makes as it dances, splashes, and cascades down the hillside into the basin. This sound will be evident in the yard as well as in the house during times the windows are open. It is a sound that creates instant relaxation and serenity. It is a sound you never want to leave. It is captivating and energizing while also creating a sense of calm and peace. As beautiful as the pondless waterfall is, it’s the sound that makes it so magical and amazing.

A pondless waterfall is the perfect type of water feature for those that have a limited space or just don’t want fish or who travel frequently and might be concerned about leaving the pond for an extended time. When you go out of town you can just turn it off. And the maintenance on a pondless option is much reduced with the biggest chore being just checking the water level now and then. And because the basin is smaller than a pond there is less cost involved. A pondless system will usually be at least 25%-30% less than the cost of a medium sized pond (10’x15’) with a stream.

With a pondless water feature there will be a storage basin created in the lowest area. The water from the stream will disappear below the gravel and recirculate. The secret to building an effective basin is the use of Aquablox which are plastic cubes that support a thin layer of rock and gravel on the top. Make no mistake these cubes are tough. They will support hundreds of pounds of stone. In fact, 2 stout men could jump up and down on these cubes without damaging them. The advantage of the cubes is that because the basin is virtually 100% water it’s a lot smaller than the old method of using gravel to support the stone above. Finally, the pump will be housed in a vault in the basin so it is simple to access and yet completely out of sight.

We all want our homes to be special, fun, comfortable, and nurturing. Truly there is nothing that will have the positive impact on a home than a skillfully designed and constructed pondless waterfall. Having a pondless waterfall in a backyard can be a life changing experience!

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