About us

About Good Earth Water Gardens

At Good Earth Water Gardens, we get to do what we love every day. We’re passionate about helping our customers create a piece of paradise right outside their doors.

Brothers Dan and Kevin Stanza grew up in the landscaping industry, helping their contractor dad, Glenn in his St. Louis contracting business. Dan and Kevin assisted with basic tasks such as weeding beds, planting shrubs, and spreading mulch. But once they helped build their first pond, inspiration took hold. The part-time chore sparked a full-time passion for water features. After graduating college, Dan lived in numerous cities before establishing in Kansas City. Entering the corporate world or getting a “job” never appealed to Dan, so he kept going back to what he knew – hence Good Earth Water Gardens was born.

Why Good Earth Water Gardens?

We specialize in building natural-looking, low-maintenance water features. We bring outdoor living areas to life with ponds, pondless waterfalls, and fountainscapes that withstand the test of time. Good Earth Water Gardens is proud to serve the greater Kansas City area.

Having grown up in the industry, we’ve seen how many contractors operate – and we take a different approach. Our core values are communication, respect, and customer experience. We warranty all of our work and are happy to answer questions and provide support for the long run.

But don’t just take our word for it. See what other folks are saying about Good Earth Water Gardens.

Meet Our Team

Dan Stanza

Co-owner and general overseer of stuff

I’m the big-picture guy. While I’m often working in the office or conferring with customers, I still love to get my hands dirty.

I’m a graduate of Missouri State University and have worked in landscaping my entire career – and before. I became passionate about outdoor spaces as a kid after helping build my first pond. After that, my brother Kevin and I would come home after school and watch videos about pond construction. Now, I’m a Certified Aquascape Contractor.

When I’m not hard at work, I’m still outside. You’ll find me hiking, snowboarding, gardening, or hanging with my dogs.

“Aside from the beautiful projects that we design and create, my favorite thing about my work is the people. We’ve developed great relationships with our clients over the years and have also met amazing people in the industry. I feel I’ve just scratched the surface and am always looking for new ways to provide a better customer experience.”

Kevin Stanza

Co-owner and manager of operations

I turn ideas into reality. I love to take a barren space, some big concepts, and a little creativity and make amazing outdoor getaways for our customers.

After high school, I spent time as a foreman of our dad’s pond company. This experience helped me realize my passion for water features. I’m now a Certified Aquascape Contractor and still fascinated by ponds, their design, and installation.

When I’m not obsessing over customer spaces, I enjoy hanging with my dogs Titan and Bud. I love to cook and barbecue and can often be found playing guitar.

“My favorite thing about my work is creating and designing a piece of paradise for our customers. The stunned look on a customer’s face, the loss of words, the shock and awe – these are all reasons I love building water features. I would do this for free if money wasn’t relevant. Every day, I get paid to do what I love!”


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