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5 Landscaping Tips to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

5 curb appeal tips

Importance of Landscaping Curb Appeal

Curb appeal for your home is a big deal. Often we think of it in terms of selling a home and how the house may look to potential buyers, but curb appeal is also something that impacts you every day. How your home looks has an effect on you as well as others in the neighborhood. A home that is drab and boring to come home to is not something that is very inspirational. Whether you are aware of it or not the appearance of your home makes a statement about you and your state of mind.

But, what to do about it? Many people just do not know how to give their home a little pizazz. Or they might think it would cost an arm and a leg to accomplish. So here are a few fairly simple inexpensive landscaping tips that will help give your home a fresh look without breaking the bank.

Landscaping Tip #1 – A Water Fountain

Putting a water fountain at the entrance area in your front yard adds interest in terms of great visual appearance and also the peaceful sound of the water. This gives off an energy of calm andUrn Fountain In KC peace. And your options here are nearly unlimited as there are many different types of fountain pieces that can be used. They range in price from under $100 and up depending on your budget and creativity. All will need an electrical source to run the pump. And some may not be suitable for year round operation. A larger one may need to be professionally installed for best results. Still having a fountain is a great way to give your home a striking focal point that will give it a new and unique flair.

Landscaping Tip #2 – Stone Edging

Most people have mulch or gravel in their front beds. Usually mulch beds have a line cut with a spade to create the separation between yard and bed while gravel will often have a steel edging separation. Using rectangular pieces of stone 8”-15” in length will give the front yard a nice clean look, keep the mulch or gravel in place, and add character to the home. Your local landscaping supply store that carries stone will carry several different types of different color tones. Pick something that will blend with your house color well.


Stone Edging Border

Landscaping Tip #3 – Create a Landscape Berm

One of the tricks in landscaping is to create different elevations. When everything is on the same plane it has a bit of a boring effect. Having a raised bed breaks up that monotony adding interest to your landscaping. The berm can be incorporated in an existing planting bed or from a new bed in the yard. If you have existing plants, however it may not be feasible to have much of a berm as the plants cannot be covered with soil. But if you have the room or are replanting this would be a great addition.

 You will then want to plant your berm with some attractive plants, perhaps with some perennials and grasses along with a few shrubs. Another feature you could incorporate is stone on the sides of your berm which leads us to our next tip.

Landscaping Tip #4 – Accent Boulders

Stone in the landscaping makes a great contrast with plantings and mulch. And if you find a very interesting piece of granite or fieldstone with moss that can make a nice addition to your landscaping. Usually you will use a cluster of stones to create an interesting effect. Be aware that large stones can be very heavy so this is something you may want to get professional help with unless you have access to some strong backs. It will usually take a little playing around with the stones to get the right look. The good thing is that a 600 pound rock can be maneuvered by rolling and leveraging back and forth with 2 or 3 strong people, but it is a work out.

Landscaping Tip #5 – Specimen Plants or Pots

Flower PotSpecimen plants are plants that have a very interesting look that are highlighted in the garden. The miniature Japanese maples with the lacy leaves fit in this category. Also the bright red foliage has a great effect in a landscape. There are also weeping evergreens that have interesting looks. Perhaps something that is variegated or has a nice bloom could be used. Some nurseries cater more to this type of plant than others. In Kansas City Family Tree Nursery is the place to check. Just be aware of the mature size of the plant and its sun/shade requirements.

Related to specimen plants are pots of interesting flower combinations that pack a lot of color which will give your home a bright cheerful look. Just be aware that most flower pots will need daily watering in the hot weather.

Bonus Tip

And here is a bonus tip which is the basis of all curb appeal because without this your home will not have a great presentation in spite of other actions you may take. Take a look at the house as objectively as you can. What do you see and how does that make you feel?

  • Are there weeds growing in the beds?
  • Are the shrubs trimmed?
  • Are trees growing against the house?
  • Do the beds have a crisp line next to the grass?
  • Are there areas of the lawn that need repair?
  • Are piles of debris or junk laying around?

Neatness is the key to giving your house curb appeal so don’t forget about the basics here.

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  2. These are some great tips for upping our home’s curb appeal. We want to remodel our front yard, and putting gravel in the flower beds is one thing we want to do. Putting in stone edging around those sounds like it’d look great!

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