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5 Benefits of Having a Pond or Water Feature


Pondless Water Feature Kansas City

Having a pond or water feature is a wonderful if not an amazing experience. If you have never had a pond this article will lay out some of the many benefits of having a pond that go way beyond just the visual interest factor.

#1 The Home

Having a water feature gives your home a special touch that makes it special and unique. A water project in your landscaping will accentuate and tie together your plantings and hardscaping features. The beauty and the sound all blend together in a symphony that is impressive to experience. This increases the curb appeal of the home which impacts the value and salability if that issue comes into play. A water feature just makes your home stand out from the crowd. So whether it is a pond, a pondless waterfall, or a fountain virtually every single home can enjoy the benefits of water in the landscape.

Water garden Kansas City

#2 Relaxation

Almost every one of us deals with a lot of stress in our lives. For that reason, it is important to have a way to decompress and center ourselves. When there is a water feature on the property you are never more than a few steps away from a wonderful source of peace and solitude that comes from the awesome sound of the flowing of the water. Not only is water relaxing it is invigorating as well. So having a water feature is a wonderful way to add an element of calm and stillness into our lives. Imagine coming home from a rough day at work with lots of traffic and then going out and sitting by the pond where all is well again. That benefit alone is worth the price of admission.

Family Pond Fun

#3 Family Focal Point

Since we are all attracted to water and beauty having a water feature has a tendency to draw your family together. And if you have kids that is compounded and it works for all ages – preschool to college. What you find is that the family will unite around the water feature all receiving enjoyment from it. And for kids it is a wonderful learning center as well as a way to get them outside off their electronics to appreciate nature. And having had a pond this was an important benefit that I had no idea would play out as it did. It truly brought our family closer together.


#4 Entertaining

While a water feature will impact your life every single day when entertaining it really rises to the occasion. When you are sitting out around the pond in the evening with friends or family water notches up the experience big time. It gives the feeling of being on vacation in a tropical destination. And while the pond is beautiful during the day at night it takes on a completely different and perhaps stronger character with the shadows and the flickering water creating a symphony of wonderful gurgles and splashes. Your home will be a popular destination I can assure you of that.


#5 Quality of Life

This benefit is a actually a summary of the other benefits but it is truly the result of having a water feature. A water feature that is properly designed and installed will improve the quality of your life. And how do you really quantify that and put a price on that? It is as they say – priceless. Whether it is you singularly, with your spouse, or your family and friends a pond or water feature will add a level of richness to your life that is hard to describe other than to acknowledge that it is so. Many of our customers with water features tell us that their biggest regret is that they didn’t make the decision to get their project done sooner.

The Good Life

Good Earth Outdoor services the Kansas City metro area. We welcome your questions or comments. If you are in a different area, we recommend that you search for a Certified Aquascape Contractor to be sure they are highly trained in water feature installation. Here is the Aquascape link to find a contractor in your area.

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  1. This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that a water feature can provide a way to relax. I like to be outside to try and get my mind off of things, but my new house is on a fairly busy street, so sometimes the noise of traffic can invade my solitude. I’ll definitely look into having a water feature installed so I can drown out the sounds of cars with the peaceful sound of trickling water. Thanks for the great post!

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